Dani Donadi

An Award-Winning Classically Trained Film, TV, and Multimedia Composer as well as a Music Producer.

Dani's experience, creativity and talent; working along

with a team of highly skilled professionals, can enhance any project.

In addition to music, Dani has been producing Audio Media for Major Theme Parks across the US as well as in Europe.

He is the owner of Donadi Media, a company based in Orlando-Florida

Lee Riley M.P.S.E

A Sound Designer, Re-Recording Mixer, Music Producer, Composer and Educator, who over the last 3 decades has worked on various Feature Films, Theme Park Rides, T.V. Shows, Video Games, Commercials, Audio Books, Jingles and other Music projects. Lee was also responsible for creating all forms of multi-media content during his tenure as a Course Director at Full Sail University.

Isabelle Chauffeton Saavedra

A creative business developper, who has successfully launched and managed several companies in the field of small and large event design and corporate incentive travel, over the last three decades.

Isabelle is highly skilled in driving a project from budget quotation, to implementation, integration and coordination, as well as problem anticipation and solving.

Isabelle is also an author, and a singer/songwriter who has collaborated with Dani Donadi on many projects.

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